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Are you wasting cloud?

Lilac Schoenbeck

A recent WSJ article highlighted what many IT leaders have already learned: Cloud can be a real waste of money.

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Topics: production, cloud hosting

Customer demand drives our data center expansion

Corinne Schmidt

Any business that wants to become successful - and keep it that way - relies heavily on keeping up with the latest technology, innovations and customer requirements. Even if you’ve invested all you can into keeping your business model and offerings up to par, there’s always room for improvement.

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Topics: DRaaS, production, enterprise class, data sovereignty, data centers, cloud hosting, test and dev

Are you ready for 2015 and the “Triumph of the Public Cloud”?

Jennifer Brenner

Eric Knorr of InfoWorld predicted in his recent article, “9 key enterprise tech trends for 2015 and beyond” that over the course of the next year, the industry would see the “triumph of the public cloud.”

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Topics: production, enterprise class, IaaS, iland Enterprise Cloud Services, cloud hosting

What's your favorite iland cloud management portal feature?

Corinne Schmidt

Our Solutions Engineers are a highly respected group. Zeb, Sam and Lindon all work closely with customers and prospects on a daily basis, demonstrating our offerings and advising and recommending cloud infrastructure solutions that best fit divergent businesses.

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Topics: DRaaS, cloud portal, production, data centers, iland Enterprise Cloud Services, cloud hosting

Using Cloud Technology to Level the Competitive Field

Corinne Schmidt

St James Insurance Group is a great example of an SMB using cloud technology to level the competitive playing field. Initially deploying disaster recovery in the cloud to protect its own business, this innovative company is further minimizing costs and creating business agility by expanding its use of cloud to resource-heavy, production applications.

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Topics: DRaaS, Zerto, production, enterprise class, iland Enterprise Cloud Services, cloud hosting

Technology alone is not enough...

Corinne Schmidt

Guest blog this week from one of our incredible EMEA Solutions Engineers, Sam Woodcock, who knows a thing or two about customer service. Thanks Sam!

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Topics: DRaaS, production, cloud hosting, test and dev

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