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Proud to be a finalist in Best of VMworld 2015 – DRaaS

Lilac Schoenbeck

We’re so overjoyed to have been named a Finalist in the Best of VMworld 2015 awards for Disaster Recovery and Backup for virtualized environments. It’s such an honor – and frankly, it feels great to be recognized for a solution we have been focusing and investing in for years. It’s our pride and joy. (well, one of a few prides and joys).

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Cloud may not be a sanctioned option at VMworld – but iland will be there

Lilac Schoenbeck

It’s been an odd run up to the biggest party of the year this year. As a cloud vendor, I’ve been somewhat – disenchanted – by our place at the show. Every form for every award and directory and session seems to have entirely forgotten about the cloud. Your options in the bubble-forms, when self-describing your company, range from management tools to security to infrastructure, without an option for CLOUD. It’s perplexing (and digs up all those other emotional responses for when bubble forms neglected to include your category.)

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