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Are Availability Zones a Disaster Recovery Solution?

Richard Stinton

It’s interesting to see that Microsoft Azure are previewing availability zones in two of their data center regions.

Amazon AWS have had this capability for quite a while – but what exactly is an availability zone, and does it provide full resiliency for applications in the cloud? Is it a good disaster recovery strategy?

For both cloud vendors, the original premise was to provide better availability, and to protect against failure of the underlying platform (hypervisor, physical server, network, perhaps storage).

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Make the Case to Add Disaster Recovery to Your IT Budget

Will Urban

I’ve been helping customers do disaster recovery and business continuity for a very, very long time now. Back in the day, we would take a mirrored drive out of a server and put it on a shelf in another location. Implementing SAN based replication to another site and making sure OS patches and firmware were up-to-date and uniform used to play havoc with upgrade schedules.

Register for the webinar: Make the Case to add Disaster Recovery to your IT Budget

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Veeam it Up, London!

Monica Brink

Availability - is there an IT leader anywhere who doesn't have availability as one of the nagging concerns keeping them awake at night? From our experience at iland, not many. It's right up there with IT security in terms of priorities. That's just one of the reasons why iland is sponsoring the UK event for all things Availability - VeeamOn Forum UK - in London next week on Oct 12th.

Sign up here to schedule a demo of Veeam Cloud Backup or DR at the iland booth and get a £20 Costa Coffee gift card.

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Houston Recovery Efforts After Hurricane Harvey

Ashley Sullivan

After Hurricane Harvey, one of the worst storms in US history, people from all over came together in a tremendous show of compassion. Volunteers, not just from Houston or even Texas, but from across the United States came to help the amazing city iland calls home. At a time when the news felt heavy with stories of loss and destruction, it was heartwarming to hear about communities working together in Houston regardless of race, background, religion or political views.

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Data protection, GDPR, Brexit and Cloud – Attend the Webinar

Monica Brink

We’re coming off a great week at VMworld Europe in Barcelona. The conversations we had with IT teams, partners and customers across Europe very much reflected the focus of our upcoming webinar. Data privacy, cloud security and the implications of GDPR plus Brexit were certainly top of mind for many people we spoke with.

Register for this Thursday's webinar: Data Protection, GDPR, Brexit and Cloud – Oh My! 

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DRaaS Doesn't Have to Break the Bank — Reserved Storage and Burst Compute

Pete Benoit

For veterans of the IT services industry, DR has always been a popular topic of conversation with potential clients. Those that have been around long enough will certainly remember how many of those conversations progressed.

Typically, it went something like this.

Potential Client: We’ve determined that our current IT infrastructure DR plan puts our business at risk and we are interviewing service providers to assess potential solutions.

IT Services Vendor: What are your infrastructure RPO and RTO targets?

Potential Client: Our CIO wants us to maintain a RPO/RTO of 4 hours or less.

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Beyond Disasters — Do More with DR

Jason Clark

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, after unprecedented amounts of flooding have finally begun to recede from the Houston area, I wanted to avoid focusing on the disastrous event itself. It would be doing those impacted by the storm a disservice to write a commentary on protecting data, after a time where protecting loved ones was significantly more important. Instead, I wanted to share other reasons why it would be beneficial to have a solid DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) plan in place.

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Best of VMworld Europe Awards – we made the Short List!

Monica Brink
We received some great news as we’re packing our bags for VMworld Europe in Barcelona next week - iland, along with our customer Synergy Logistics, have been shortlisted for ‘Best Cloud Project’ in the Best of VMworld Europe Awards which are judged by Computer Weekly. First of all, Congratulations to Synergy Logistics for this recognition of their industry-leading ‘cloud-first’ policy and their use of cloud innovation to drive value for their customers.
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Hurricane Harvey - A Letter to Texas

Scott Sparvero

Dear Texas,

As a global company proudly born and bred in Houston,  iland sends our thoughts and prayers to everyone recovering from the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey, and to all those that still have so far to go before they are through it. We are very grateful that our local staff are safe. While some of us have suffered damages, we have all pulled together to provide help to those less fortunate.

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Leader in High Tech Cleaning Systems Leverages iland Secure DRaaS

Rachel Roach

I don’t know about you, but when I think of dry ice I think of spooky Halloween punch and middle school science experiments. As it turns out, it’s also a great cleaning agent for heavy machinery. That’s multi-purposing at its finest!

iland’s customer, Cold Jet, specializes in dry ice cleaning and production for companies across the globe. They’ve developed innovative, environmentally responsible cleaning solutions that help companies in various industries keep their machines up to snuff. Cold Jet’s dry ice blasting systems use recycled carbon dioxide and eliminate the need for chemicals and water in the cleaning process.

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