And Then Magic Happens: DRaaS and DNS Management

ByJune 8, 2016
DRaaS DNS management iland In the years we’ve been working with DRaaS, one consistent feature of the sales process has been a bit of awe when someone first sees a failover happen. Let’s face it -awe is rarely an emotion invoked by infrastructure management tools. But, that moment when you click “fail over” and Zerto flips your workload to the cloud, barely skipping a beat – that’s magic.

The truth is that people don’t believe it until they see it – and rightfully so. But once they see it – they’re hooked.

Telling that story never gets old. But, an astute buyer will always ask, “What about DNS?”

What, indeed.

So, YES. After you fail over DNS does have to update. And, while DNS of today isn’t DNS of yesteryear (when it took 48 hours of hitting refresh to get your personal blog on the horrors of corporate life posted to the interwebs), it still represented a separate step in a separate system.

We’ve fixed that. In the latest release of our iland cloud console, we have integrated DNS management right into the DRaaS section. Now, you can fail over, confirm things are a-OK, and then update DNS, all from the same place.

So – you’re asking – why not just integrate it completely? Why not link the buttons?

We talk to customers a lot – and like any automation solution, people typically take a little time before they are comfortable with it. So, our CTO made the decision to keep them separate, for now. And, in 6 months or 12 months, when the market is ready for the all-in-one solution – we’ll tether them together. For the moment, people seem interested in more bite-sized magic.

Want to see it all in action? We’d love to show you a demo – of both the DRaaS solution and the new DNS integration. It requires no slight of hand – just some of the coolest technology in the industry.
Lilac Schoenbeck

Lilac Schoenbeck

Lilac has more than 15 years of experience with product marketing, strategy, business development, and software engineering in the grid, virtualization, and cloud domains. Prior to this role, she led cloud and automation marketing for BMC Software, and has worked for IBM, Fortisphere, Innosight, and the Globus Alliance. Lilac holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and a Computer Science degree from Pacific Lutheran University.