Another addition to the Cloud Security Tool-Box

ByJune 9, 2016
Our recent survey on cloud security indicated that IT and the business are now aligned in terms of security priorities with the data showing that the two groups security ilandoverwhelmingly agree that they would rather delay a new application deployment than deploy to a potentially insecure environment.

This is encouraging – especially for IT leaders who have been grappling with pressures to leverage cloud to drive digital initiatives on the one hand and protecting business data and apps from ever increasing security threats on the other. But, alignment on security being a priority is one thing – having the tools in place to actually be able to pull this off is another. In our latest Enterprise Cloud Services release, we’ve taken another step to providing those tools that IT needs to marry together the sometimes opposing forces of cloud agility and security.

We’ve added security alerting capabilities to our advanced security offering. Individual users can set alerts for different security settings to receive notifications in our cloud console if a security scan detects a vulnerability in their environment. These alerts can be customized for different risk factors; e.g. an alert notification can be set to trigger if the risk factor is greater than ‘Medium’.

The real-time alerts include recommended remediation, thus enabling IT teams to respond to security threats with unprecedented speed. Relevant information can also easily be shared with auditors and senior management. Customers can set alerts for:
  • Anti-malware
  • Computer issues (ex. reboots and clock changes)
  • Firewall rules
  • Integrity Monitoring rules
  • Intrusion prevention and detection rules
  • Log inspection rules
  • Web reputation rules
  • iland platform updates
This new security alerting functionality is directly based on customer feedback. And, it’s all part of our mandate of making cloud security as straight-forward as possible to manage and fully integrated in the cloud infrastructure – not a bolt-on solution from a third party requiring separate, specialized  skills to manage. Feel free to sign up for a test-drive and see first-hand how advanced security features combined with customizable alerting can be an invaluable addition to your cloud tool-box.
Monica Brink

Monica Brink

Monica has more than 12 years of global experience in product and channel marketing in the Cloud Computing and ERP sectors. Monica is currently the Director of Marketing for iland EMEA and works with customers and partners in the region to educate the market and drive adoption of iland’s enterprise cloud services. Monica has worked across the globe in Europe, the Middle East and the US with Microsoft, BMC Software, Meeza and iland and is currently based in the United Kingdom.