Another great reason to be an iland customer

ByJune 2, 2021

Announcing the new iland Customer Hub:

Allowing for Management of Account Level Information

The new iland Customer Hub is the authenticated portion of Success Center. It is a portal that allows all iland customers to manage account level information related to cloud services and products. This includes managing contacts, viewing contract data, managing support/project/billing tickets, and paying open invoices.

Empowering iland customers with the solutions that you seek

We recognize that you, our customers, are resourceful. In most cases you try to find information or solve problems on your own before reaching out for help. iland has created this new portal based on your feedback. The portal creates an efficient way to provide information quickly and efficiently while allowing you to focus more time on your business activities.

Satisfying the need for self-service which is becoming the first choice

Long gone are the days when a phone call was the only option to reach a support team. In fact, a recent study showed that 40% of customers now prefer self-service over human contact. iland recognizes that self-service is no longer a “nice to have”. In addition to all of the support that you already have today, this new portal provides more for more speed as you search for solutions to many of your questions.

Features include:

  • Authenticated access via Console
  • Account information
  • Guided onboarding as a new iland customer
  • Self-service contact management
  • Visibility of contracts, invoices, and work orders
  • View and submit billing, project, and technical support tickets
  • Compliance reports access for all customers
  • iland customer Product training labs
  • Catalyst
  • File share

How to Access

To access iland’s new Customer Hub, visit: Success Center Login , or visit iland-success-center-customer-hub and select “Login” at the upper right hand corner. Login using your existing iland Console credentials.

Why customers choose iland?

iland is a global cloud service provider of secure and compliant hosting for infrastructure (IaaS), disaster recovery (DRaaS), and backup as a service (BaaS). Industry analysts recognize iland as a leader in disaster recovery. The award-winning iland Secure Cloud Console natively combines deep-layered security, predictive analytics, and compliance to deliver unmatched visibility and ease of management for all of iland’s cloud services. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, London, UK, and Sydney, Australia, iland delivers cloud services from its cloud regions throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

For more information: iland Customer Hub

Sarah Doherty

Sarah Doherty

Sarah Doherty, Product Marketing Manager at iland Cloud. Prior to joining iland marketing, Sarah held alliance, marketing and business development roles at IBM, Symantec, Dell, Sungard and Hitachi. In this role, Sarah helps to create iland’s product messaging, content, and launch activity. Sarah graduated with an economics degree from Brown University .