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Kenneth Falor

Kenneth Falor

Kenneth Falor is an iland cloud engineer with over 15 years’ experience as an enterprise administrator working with VMware virtualization, Microsoft Products, DR planning and assorted hardware platforms. When not contemplating and tinkering with technology Kenneth likes to hang out with his family and friends or spend time being an AFOL. It's a thing…

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Can VMs be Too Big for DRaaS?

Kenneth Falor

There’s been a lot of talk around the water cooler lately about extremely large VMs and the pain of backing them up as well as the agony of restoring these monster VMs should the need arise. When I say agony, I am thinking of a root canal without pain killers…

We all love that the price of storage has become so cheap that everyone seems to have at least a terabyte of photos and two or three terabytes of movies these days – my 75 year old father included. Gone are the days when server admins religiously set user storage quotas and monitored file shares for .jpg and .mp3 files. Why bother? It costs more to monitor, find and then delete the offending files than it costs to simply add more space.

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