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Pete Benoit

Pete Benoit

Pete is an Enterprise Solutions Architect at iland, currently based out of Dallas with over 20 years of experience in the IT Services industry including time with hardware vendors, VARs and IaaS providers. His career began in the US Air Force as a Communication-Computer Systems Operator before joining the private sector and moving to Texas in 1996. Pete has a wide range of industry experience as a technician, support engineer and solutions engineer and excels at customer service. A proud graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Pete is a husband and father of two and enjoys golf and spending time with family and friends.

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Enabling Two-Factor Authentication in the iland Secure Cloud Console

Pete Benoit

How many online logins does the average person have? The easy answer is too many to secure.

In 2016, the average person had 27 unique online accounts with passwords to manage, according to an Intel Security survey. I couldn’t find similar numbers specifically for IT personnel but we can be safe in assuming that number is significantly higher.

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Topics: IaaS, security, cloud console

DRaaS Doesn't Have to Break the Bank — Reserved Storage and Burst Compute

Pete Benoit

For veterans of the IT services industry, DR has always been a popular topic of conversation with potential clients. Those that have been around long enough will certainly remember how many of those conversations progressed.

Typically, it went something like this.

Potential Client: We’ve determined that our current IT infrastructure DR plan puts our business at risk and we are interviewing service providers to assess potential solutions.

IT Services Vendor: What are your infrastructure RPO and RTO targets?

Potential Client: Our CIO wants us to maintain a RPO/RTO of 4 hours or less.

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Topics: DRaaS