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Tom Collier

Tom Collier

Based in the UK, Tom Collier is iland’s EMEA Account Manager, supporting global clients across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Tom is a certified virtualization professional with more than five years’ experience assisting companies address their virtualization, cloud and disaster recovery challenges.

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Consistency is anything but boring. Here's why.

Tom Collier

Consistency. It’s a predictable guarantee and wonderfully exciting. Well….in technology it is certainly.

Every year at iland, our global teams travel to our Houston headquarters for our company kickoff. During my recent trip, one stat really took my breath away: During 2014, iland deployed a new datacenter every 2.4 months.

The reason we could deliver this? Consistency.

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A Cloud to Suit you, Sir.

Tom Collier

There is a time in life when you are faced with a purchasing decision.

To consider long term and invest in the future which might initially seem more expensive? Or to go with something cheaper but what will be wasteful over time?

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Topics: IaaS, cloud hosting

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