Consistency Is Anything but Boring. Here’s Why.

ByApril 2, 2015
cloud servicesConsistency. It’s a predictable guarantee and wonderfully exciting. Well….in technology it is certainly.

Every year at iland, our global teams travel to our Houston headquarters for our company kickoff. During my recent trip, one stat really took my breath away: During 2014, iland deployed a new data center every 2.4 months.

The reason we could deliver this? Consistency.

The iland Secure Cloud℠ infrastructure is architected in a repeatable pod design, which means that we can support rapid deployments to serve our customer needs – wherever they need around the globe.

Not only that – we can also scale rapidly to serve customer requirements within our existing locations.

Most importantly, due to this repeatable, proven design, our clients achieve consistent application and network performance within our infrastructure. This is true whether they are delivering applications from Los Angeles to users across the US, in London across EMEA or in Singapore across APAC – or executing disaster recovery across any of our eight global data centers.
iland sales team

Myself and US West Coast Account Manager, Will Sexton, displaying iland’s habit of consistency with an unfortunate coincidence on day 1 of our meetings in Houston.

Infrastructure to support SaaS clientele. This is especially important for our global SaaS clients, who can enter new markets with a scalable, repeatable, templated design, not only at the application stack level but also the infrastructure level. It’s all supported by iland’s repeatable and scalable design.

Time to market is significantly reduced (we are taking hours and days instead of weeks and months) and the unknowns around performance are removed.

In effect, you build, test, refine and deploy just once – then roll the final application out across the locations. It’s reliable too, with a 100 percent SLA.

A Constant form of Management – Multiple Locations, One Interface

iland’s Secure Cloud Console℠ (designed in-house) enables you to build out, manage and adapt your virtual infrastructure, providing insight into real-time analytics on both performance and billing levels across different locations from one place.

So, not only do you get consistent performance, you also have consistent monthly costs for the delivery of applications to your end users. It’s reliable too with a 100 percent SLA.

Oscar Wilde once famously said – “consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative”

In my role as EMEA Account Manager here at iland, I am responsible for a number of our global SaaS clients day to day – one of whom has over 400k devices reporting into their database, and another whose Warehouse Management Software picks millions of products off shelves for delivery across the US and UK.

Seeing what they are achieving and their future plans due the consistency and guaranteed performance within ECS – Mr. Wilde, I am afraid to say I do not agree with you.
Tom Collier

Tom Collier

Based in the UK, Tom Collier is iland’s EMEA Account Manager, supporting global clients across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Tom is a certified virtualization professional with more than five years’ experience assisting companies address their virtualization, cloud and disaster recovery challenges.