Containers as a Service using VMware Admiral and Photon OS

ByFebruary 6, 2017
containerVMware has recently launched a lightweight container management platform called, Admiral.

Admiral provides the capability to model, provision and manage containerized applications via a user interface, YAML-based template or Docker Compose file.

This new platform makes use of the extremely lightweight Photon operating system, which can be deployed within iland’s enterprise cloud environment running vCloud Director.

The whole Admiral environment can be deployed within the iland cloud as a vApp, and can be scaled through the addition of more Photon VMs.

vapp display on dashboard

Admiral itself is built as a Docker image within Photos OS.

To get started, launch a browser to the Admiral VM by using port 8282. You will then be presented with the administrator interface.  With the iland vApp, the first four Photos OS hosts will already be added.

admiral hosts

In the Templates section, popular Docker templates are shown from Docker Hub.

popular templates

Alternatively, you can search for your favourite template – for example, WordPress.

popular templates wordpress

To provision a template, simply click on the Provision button.  In this example, we are provisioning an nginx template.

provision nginx

This takes about 3 seconds, and was too quick for me to take a screenshot!

By clicking on the Containers view, we can see the nginx container provisioned and running.

nginx container

If we click on the nginx container, we can drill down into information about the running container.

nginx running

You’ll notice the ports area, that shows which URLs the container is presenting.

If you click on the second URL, you can check that nginx is running

nginx home page
Those who know me, would know that couldn’t resist checking out good old Pet Clinic as well.  So, here it is:

pet clinic container
Again, clicking on the Ports URL will launch the Pet Clinic app in a new browser tab.

More information on Admiral as a container management environment can be found in this user guide.

VMware also talks about Admiral on their blog. Take a look at what they have to say here.

Another blog post, which discusses Admiral and shows a video, can be found on Vincent Meoc’s site.
Richard Stinton

Richard Stinton

Richard is an Enterprise Solutions Architect for the iland EMEA business and has over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, most recently in the Cloud space with iland, Microsoft Azure and VMware. Starting out in Engineering CAD/CAM and GIS systems with McDonnell Douglas and EDS, he moved to mainstream IT and Systems/Service Management with HP, BMC Software and Mercury Interactive, before joining VMware in its early days. Richard has a breadth of experience having worked in customer support, sales, partner management and product marketing. In his current role as EMEA solutions architect, Richard works with customers to implement and optimise cloud technologies.