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Data Protection at its best – iland and Cohesity

ByApril 15, 2021

Comprehensive data protection is critical to the success of any organization. Data protection can be defined as the preparation for and recovery from data emergencies. Backup and replication technologies contribute to a data protection solution but a complete solution involves best practices, services, and technology. As might be expected, data protection is an underlying foundation for disaster recovery and high availability. However, data protection solutions also mitigate the impact of operational mishaps and intrusions that necessitate data recovery.

What happens if nothing is done?

Doing nothing about data-protection problems can have severe consequences, such as lost business or productivity, damage to an IT organization’s reputation, blemish on your career, liability for lost data, inability to defend lawsuits, fines for regulatory violations, or bankruptcy and prosecution in extreme cases. Because doing nothing can have severe consequences, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you protected yourself from data emergencies that might result from operational mishaps, hostile intrusions, and disastrous events?
  • Have you implemented best practices, do you comply with regulations, and test your state of preparedness regularly?
  • Can you retrieve data at both central and remote offices on demand in audit situations or data emergencies?
  • Is your data-protection investment adequate to maintain a state-of-the-art environment plus find, retain, and replace skilled data-protection professionals?

Although technology is of major importance to a data protection solution, people and processes are of equal importance. Technical aspects are most closely related to solution design, solution implementation, and operational tasks. People and process aspects are most closely related to planning, best practices, and ongoing testing. A comprehensive solution combines technology and services into a cost-effective solution with the following benefits:

  • Reduces the amount of application downtime caused by data emergencies
  • Meets recovery objectives that support even the most critical data
  • Cost-effectively backs up and retains massive amounts of non-critical data
  • Raises backup and recovery success rates well above industry standards
  • Mitigates constraints imposed by tight or disappearing backup windows
  • Minimizes the gap between the current environment and a state-of-the-art environment
  • Mitigates the attrition or loss of skilled data protection professionals
  • Minimizes and manages IT operational risks

IT organizations need to think about how to create or acquire a complete data-protection solution that meets current needs and evolves to meet future needs. The business environment is changing and data-protection must change with it. Because ignoring problems can have severe consequences, it makes sense to do something about them.

Who can you turn to for help?

iland and Cohesity have formed a strategic alliance partnership that offers comprehensive data protection solutions. These solutions will integrate the iland Secure Cloud platform with Cohesity’s multicloud data platform providing customers with faster and more precise data protection capabilities.

iland Advanced Backup for Secure Cloud provides a secure, performance-oriented backup and recovery solution that protects users’ mission critical applications. Powered by Cohesity DataProtect, iland Advanced Backup users will have full self-service control, granular restore, and powerful search capabilities with the ability to perform granular restores from VMs down to individual files. This solution will also provide the ability to have complete control over backup schedules and retention policies, allowing data retention for exactly however long is needed.

In addition, the iland Secure Cloud Object Storage solution enables Cohesity customers to offload their infrequently accessed data to a secure, cost effective object storage solution for long term retention and archival. iland Object Storage, connected to Cohesity SmartFiles or DataProtect, can significantly reduce expenses and on-prem storage requirements. iland Secure Cloud Console manages the cloud repository to provide an integrated experience across production, backup and archive.

iland and Cohesity are working together to eliminate data protection headaches by providing data protection at its best. For more information: Advanced Backup for Secure Cloud

Sarah Doherty

Sarah Doherty

Sarah Doherty, Product Marketing Manager at iland Cloud. Prior to joining iland marketing, Sarah held alliance, marketing and business development roles at IBM, Symantec, Dell, Sungard and Hitachi. In this role, Sarah helps to create iland’s product messaging, content, and launch activity. Sarah graduated with an economics degree from Brown University .