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Disaster Recovery doesn’t have to spook you

ByOctober 28, 2019
Don't Be Spooked by Disaster Recovery

What do you do if a witch on a broom hits your building and your data center goes down? Or what if one of your IT administrators eats too much Halloween candy and slowly goes into a candy coma? Being prepared for all types of technology related disasters is crucial to manage your data and business needs.

Disaster recovery planning may very well be one of the most critical and essential tasks of your internal IT department. Effective planning involves multiple factors, including the types of “disaster events” to be addressed, as well as related needs and capabilities for recovery and response. To do a good job, you need to understand business needs, technical needs, organizational objectives and the overall IT plan of your company.

Technology disasters can happen at any time. An IT disaster can be any unexpected problem that results in a slowdown, interruption or failure in a key system or network. These problems can be caused by natural disasters (i.e. witch crashes), technology failures, malicious acts, or simple human error (i.e. sugar coma). Whatever the cause, service outages, connectivity failures, data loss, and related technical issues can disrupt business operations, causing lost revenues, increased expenses, customer service problems, and reduced workplace productivity.

Your ability to address these issues can offer significant operational benefits:

  • Minimize the negative impact of any disaster.
  • Save time and money in the recovery process in the event of a disaster.
  • Provide for an orderly recovery process, reducing “panic” decision making.
  • Minimize legal or regulatory liabilities.
  • Deliver IT service quality, reliability and security.

iland is your go to partner for all of your Disaster Recovery needs. We know from experience that disaster recovery plans are different for each organization. Our solutions are built around that idea. iland experienced disaster recovery engineers will help guide you through the entire process from design to implementation. From first click, to failover, we are working with you at every step of the way.

Our Secure DRaaS allows your IT workloads to be replicated from virtual or physical environments to our advanced security cloud infrastructure. With over a decade of disaster recovery expertise, we can go far beyond simple backup to ensure all your key workloads are protected – and the disaster recovery process is tuned to your business priorities and compliance needs.

At Halloween time, let the ghoul times roll, but be prepared for any hocus pocus that may happen.

Sarah Doherty

Sarah Doherty

Sarah Doherty, Product Marketing Manager at iland Cloud. Prior to joining iland marketing, Sarah held alliance, marketing and business development roles at IBM, Symantec, Dell, Sungard and Hitachi. In this role, Sarah helps to create iland’s product messaging, content, and launch activity. Sarah graduated with an economics degree from Brown University .