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Don’t Waste Time on POCs that Never Work

ByOctober 10, 2019
Are you one of many considering the public cloud for your disaster recovery plan? Public cloud has the potential to be a useful part of your DR strategy, but it doesn’t come without its challenges too. DR in the public cloud can be complex and expensive to build and test, and your organization has to ensure you have the internal skills and resources required to effectively implement and deliver the disaster recovery plan when needed.

Complexity cannot be ignored either. With cloud, much of the responsibility is on your IT team to deliver an appropriate platform that is maintained, supported and available in the event of an incident. When it comes to disaster recovery, it’s crucial that you fully understand what you need from the environment and what skills are required to operate it. Once those are defined, you will be better equipped to decide whether public cloud should be part of your DR plan.

It is also important to recognize that disaster recovery in the public cloud can be complicated and risky. In that case, you may want to consider a Proof of Concept (POC). This is important to every IT manager who wants to minimize downtime with reliable recovery, reduce infrastructure costs, or easily run disaster recovery tests, without affecting ongoing replication.

A Proof of Concept (POC) is the most effective method to validate and eliminate risk for your disaster recovery cloud adoption. A POC can save you lots of time and frustration while helping you focus on customer experience and continuous up-time.

iland’s proof of concept process saves your business time and money. Instead of engaging in an unnecessarily complex, lengthy and foolishly expensive discovery process, we actually migrate your workloads and applications to a real cloud environment where testing for coding issues, compatibility and more can take place in real-time. Once any potential roadblocks and errors are identified, iland can resolve them for you, or coordinate resolutions with your internal IT and development team.

Think about it…you may want to test before you jump into the public cloud for your disaster recovery needs.


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