Veeam Cloud Connect Replication FAQ: Part One

ByMarch 1, 2016
VCC-ReplicationMy fellow solutions architect, Jeff Polczynski, and I had a great time on a webinar covering the new iland DRaaS solution leveraging Veeam Cloud Connect Replication(VCC-R) technology. There were a number of follow-up questions on the webinar, so I figured I would share them with you here. I’d also recommend watching the on demand recording of the webinar for a complete demo of the solution.

First, the basics:

What source environments are supported by VCC-R?  At present, VMware environments are supported. However, note that the Cloud Backup options with VCC does support Hyper-V as well.

How do I control and manage the solution? All management is performed through the local Veeam Console.

Which version of Veeam do I need to be running, on-premise? You’ll need Veeam Availability Suite v9, in any of the editions (Standard, Enterprise, or Enterprise-Plus)

Then, let’s discuss the on-boarding and configuration:

How easy is setup? Super Simple – Just needs a hostname, username and password- can be setup in 3 quick steps.

What type of RPOs should I expect? Veeam is snapshot based – snapshots in theory can be taken every 15 minutes. RPO is based on the time it takes to complete a snapshot, your available bandwidth, and the amount of data.

What type of RTOs should I expect? No conversion is required on the Virtual Machines as iland is natively VMware based. Therefore, RTOs should be measured in minutes, and are bound only by the number of machines, and the time it takes to boot them.

How many concurrent jobs can be run with the solution? Only 1 – You should schedule jobs accordingly.

Does it come with any alerting built into this solution for replication status? Yes – through the Veeam Console customers can configure alerts based on Repository space and job success, amongst other alerts. 

What makes iland’s DRaaS with Veeam so great?

What compute pod is VCC-R running on? VMs would run on iland ECS compute infrastructure upon failover for enterprise grade performance. Our platform is a combination of Cisco hardware, Nimble storage, and the industry-leading VMWare platform.

What storage platform is used for VCC-R? Nimble Encrypted Accelerated Storage – which is a mix of spinning disk and SSD for enterprise grade performance on failover.

Can iland assist you to failover if you’ve lost access to your source environment? Yes – You can contact iland support at [email protected] or by telephone to assist in initiating a failover to iland.  You can also enable a setting when setting up the Cloud Connect service to allow iland to assist with troubleshooting.

A couple of questions on pricing:

How is CPU and RAM charged? CPU and RAM is billed based on consumption, for the number of hours it is consumed. iland will monitor this consumption, and bill accordingly, and you’ll receive a bill at the end of the month for this usage.

How is storage charged? Storage is charged per GB – this is at a fixed monthly rate. This storage is based on the Nimble Encrypted Accelerated Storage for performance.

Contact us to get started with iland DraaS with Veeam Cloud Connect Replication. 

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Sam Woodcock

Sam Woodcock

Sam is the Principal Solutions Architect at iland. With vast experience in virtualization technology and customer implementations, Sam understands the needs of IT Professionals and their businesses and how to create solutions that meet their requirements. During his career at iland, Sam has worked across many teams including support, product development, engineering and deployment to ensure that the input of customers is reflected in the products and services of the company – and that customers have the best possible cloud experience.