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How to Get Started Protecting Your Remote Workers’ Data (For Free!)

ByMarch 23, 2020

Last week Veeam released a blog post detailing how IT professionals can protect their remote workers’ important data for free using Veeam agents. This is a fantastic way for IT professionals to continue to perform their critical data backups even in these “work from home” times. However, there’s one key flaw in the advice given on that blog: as we all know, backups need to be stored in a secure, accessible, and centralized place. This becomes even more important in the current chaotic period.

iland can help provide the missing link with our Secure Cloud Backup service. This service  allows IT professionals to roll out Veeam agents to remote workers while sending backups to one secure cloud repository at the same time.

To get started testing cloud backups for remote workers, iland makes it easy, just:
    Go to and choose to start a free trial of Secure Cloud Backup with Veeam
  1. Fill out the web form (no credit card needed!). If you are not currently using Veeam, we can provide a trial license for your agents as well.
  2. You’ll get an email within minutes taking you through the next steps to download the software, get licensed, and get connected to iland.

Managing backups for remote workers has never been easier with the newly released features of iland Secure Cloud Console.


With 20 years of IT experience serving customers and hosting critical workloads in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia, iland approaches cloud computing with a different goal: to provide customers with secure, easy-to-adopt cloud services while delivering unmatched management through our iland Secure Cloud Console℠ and 24/7/365 expert phone support.