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Improved Disaster Recovery with Veeam 9.5 Update 4

ByFebruary 22, 2019
iland has built a large customer base across all of our products. Thanks to great partners like Veeam, we’ve developed great products to help customers with the protection and recovery of their data in the cloud from just about anywhere.

Improving the Underlying Technology

Veeam recently released Update 4 to their already successful Veeam 9.5 Availability Suite, and a big part of the features were specifically targeted at service providers like iland. One major advancement in the area of backups was the introduction of the ability to tier data in a Scale-Out Backup Repository to object storage.

Another major advancement in Update 4 is the ability to integrate replication and failover jobs into a VMware vCloud Director environment. Since iland’s platform is built on top of vCloud Director, this is a major advancement for our customers utilizing Veeam to failover to the cloud. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) customers are already benefiting from a market leading platform that provides a multi-tenancy end-point for replication and recovery. Customers have the ability to execute a partial or complete failover of their data center into this infrastructure, which provides them with advanced networking, advanced security features, coverage of all major compliance regulations, and a 100 percent financially-backed SLA.

Benefiting Customers With Integration

The iland Secure Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) product utilizes vCloud Director to allocate resources to customers and provide them the separation they require in a multi-tenant environment. With the new vCloud Director integration in Veeam U4, iland can now allocate these vCloud Director resources directly to the Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure. The result is faster customer on-boarding and better integration for customers utilizing iland for both DRaaS and IaaS.

vCloud Director is also a critical component to the iland Secure Cloud Console. The Veeam U4 integration with vCloud Director means that iland can provide our full iland Secure Cloud Console experience to our Veeam-based DRaaS customers. This includes full access to their failover environment via a single web interface, including HTML5 VM console access and full control over the networking and security configuration. Billing, compliance, and security reports can all be run on demand through the iland Secure Cloud Console as well.

Making Recovery Less Disastrous

With full access to the DRaaS environment via the iland Secure Cloud Console, customers now have access to the DR-focused orchestration engine that iland built that allows customers to build robust runbooks to automate the failover process. These runbooks are built on top of Veeam failover plans. Customers collect VMs into application-based failover plans within the Veeam console to ensure interdependent VMs restore in the necessary order, including delays to allow services to completely start. The iland Secure Cloud Console will automatically detect these failover groups and make them available to be added to one or more runbooks.

This runbook engine was designed to reduce the manual efforts it takes to recover full or partial environments. The result is not only a reduction in the time it takes to recover, but also the elimination of potential human error, both of which lead to an improved time to a successfully recovered state. When executing a recovery, customers can choose to failover individual recovery groups or full runbooks. What’s more, compliance reports can be generated based on the replication status and failover and test runs of the runbooks.

To learn more, including how iland makes it all work, watch the on-demand VeeamLive event.
Brian Knudtson

Brian Knudtson

In his 20-year career, Brian has experienced many different perspectives of the IT industry. He has worked as a value-added reseller, vendor and service provider in roles in web development, system administration, post-sales deployment, pre-sales architecting, public cloud design and technical marketing. Currently, Brian is the Director of Cloud Market Intelligence at iland. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids. He is also heavily involved with the Destination Imagination program and has been a long-time member of the VMware community, notably starting the Omaha VMUG and putting on VMunderground at VMworld. You can find him online occasionally blogging at and tweeting at @bknudtson.