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Incidents become disasters for those who are not prepared

ByMarch 5, 2020
Business resiliency – Keep your customers with you.

What is a business resilience plan and why do you need one? We have all heard of a having a business continuity plan and now having an IT resilience plan can also be crucial to keeping your business up and running. Your organization will develop a business resilience plan so that you can adapt when disruptions occur while maintaining business operations, in addition to keeping your data, staff and company reputation safe. This all sounds easy enough, right?

While the concept may seem similar to business continuity, they should be considered complementary. Without the ability to maintain continuity, your organization has little hope of achieving resilience. The goal of IT resilience is not only keeping the business running, but returning to its original state after the disruption has ended. Developments in Disaster Recovery (DR) technology have created the plan for business resilience, and intense recovery requirements have driven the need for one.

Acceptable amounts of downtime and data loss are at an all-time low, and recovery features that were once considered “nice to have” are now mandatory. With the emphasis of IT resilience on maintaining business processes and making a complete recovery as soon as possible, it’s no wonder that it’s becoming more important to your day to day operations.

When creating your resilience strategy, you’re going to want to include some basic elements:
  • Business continuity is an important part of business resilience, so be sure to have a solid business continuity policy in place.
  • A Disaster recovery plan is vital to returning your business to its original state after a disaster.
  • Security should play a key role in your plan and can help you prepare for the worst against potential cyber-attacks before, after and during a disruption.
Now that you’re on board for IT resilience, you might be wondering where to begin. iland has the resources to help strengthen your business continuity, disaster recovery and security efforts. iland is a global cloud service provider of secure and compliant hosting for infrastructure (IaaS), disaster recovery (DRaaS), and backup as a service (BaaS). In addition, our award-winning iland Secure Cloud Console natively combines deep layered security, predictive analytics, and compliance to deliver unmatched visibility and ease of management for all of iland’s cloud services.

Don’t put it to the test: be prepared

Sarah Doherty

Sarah Doherty

Sarah Doherty, Product Marketing Manager at iland Cloud. Prior to joining iland marketing, Sarah held alliance, marketing and business development roles at IBM, Symantec, Dell, Sungard and Hitachi. In this role, Sarah helps to create iland’s product messaging, content, and launch activity. Sarah graduated with an economics degree from Brown University .