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Introducing iland Autopilot: Fully Managed Recovery

ByJune 5, 2019
Earlier this week, we announced our fully managed recovery service called iland Autopilot for Managed Recovery. For those that follow iland and this blog, you know that iland has been innovating in the cloud for years. We were one of the first to use a VMware-based platform. We designed our own cloud management console from the ground up. With DR, which is core to our business, we automate and orchestrate everything. We want to stay ahead of the curve. And when it comes to partnering with the best data protection providers, like Veeam and Zerto, we work hard to make sure no one “out partners” us.

So it might not be surprising that we are working hard (again) to stay ahead of the curve in the disaster recovery market with fully managed recovery. Now, coupled with our current self-service and assisted recovery solutions, customers can take advantage of the a fully-managed approach to maintain focus on their business. As business and application requirements change year over year and the impact of data loss and downtime grows, DR is critical – and flexibility of service is key to successful implementation.

What’s included with Autopilot? In short, everything you need to protect your mission-critical applications. This includes upfront planning, the application migration, regular testing, and ongoing management. You also get full visibility into your VM stack and integration with leading providers like Veeam and Zerto. Security and compliance is managed by iland. And – performance is guaranteed via SLA – specifically, a custom SLA based on your application requirements.

So yeah, Autopilot Managed Recovery is a big deal for us. But more importantly, it’s a big deal for our customers. Here’s why:

  • Managed Recovery = faster recovery = less downtime. When a data loss or downtime event happens, you have two choices. Break out the recovery manual and hope that the process that was implemented years ago is still compatible with your current environment. Or, hit the “easy button” with Managed Recovery. The concept is simple. A managed recovery service like Autopilot recovers your business for you. Immediately.

  • It will cost you less with cloud. We all know the economic advantages of cloud, but the reality is, the cost advantages are even more extreme with DR. A downtime event will eventually happen, but, there will (hopefully) be a lot of uptime in between events – this means idle time for DR resources. Why pay for that idle time and resources? With Autopilot, you don’t have to. No data center, hardware, or management resources to look after during idle time.

  • We implement it for you. ALL companies need to protect their businesses from data loss and downtime. But, not all companies are ready to manage it themselves. One of the major challenges with a DR implementation is identifying where to begin. In other words, what application to protect, and how to protect it? The cloud has made it easy to get started with DR, but a Managed Recovery service makes it VERY easy. In the case of Autopilot, we do all the heavy lifting for you. As above, the planning, migration, and management – which includes regular testing.

  • We manage the many moving parts of security and compliance. Depending on your business, you may require a DR solution to meet compliance needs. Your data may be subject to security requirements based on your industry or your geography. Now more than ever, data protection, security, and compliance are intertwined and dependent on each other for success. iland has built a practice focused on security and compliance – it goes without saying that security and compliance is built into Autopilot Managed Recovery (and all our services). We manage it for you. If you need guidance or advice, just call.

  • Flexibility to have DR your way – and shift risk away from your business. If we could sum up what our customers ask for in one word, it would be “choice”. With Autopilot Managed Recovery, we are providing customers with extreme flexibility and choice to implement the right DR solution for their business. Our self-service DR, and our assisted DR is what put us on the map. Now, with Autopilot Managed Recovery, we are expanding into a new dimension of customer focus by providing a solution that passes full DR responsibility to us, the vendor.

We are always excited when we bring new services and value to our customers, but our new Autopilot service is a new dimension of our portfolio that will shape how customers secure and protect their data – and their business.

After all, our goal is the same as yours – to always stay ahead of the curve.
Justin Augat

Justin Augat

Justin Augat is Vice President, Product Marketing at iland Cloud. In this role, Justin manages iland’s corporate, product, and technical messaging, content, and product launch activity. Prior to iland, Justin held several cloud marketing leadership roles including Director of Product Marketing for Dell Technologies, and Head of Cloud and Services Marketing at Hitachi Vantara. Justin received a BS in computer science and mathematics and earned a MS in Finance and an MBA from Boston College.