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ISO Compliance in the Cloud – Why Should you Care?

ByJune 15, 2016
ISO 27001More and more customers we talk to about cloud adoption have 2 seemingly opposing priorities in mind:

  1. Broadening their cloud use cases to more business critical applications in production
  2. Addressing the ever increasing IT compliance requirements that are demanded of them
Achieving ISO compliance is a big deal and a lot of work! Some of you reading this may be drowning under a sea of ISO paperwork on your desks right now.  So, after putting in the hard yards achieving ISO compliance, the prospect of putting data and apps into the cloud and risking a compliance audit failure forces many IT leaders to think twice about leveraging cloud.

With the right people, processes and technology in place, IT leaders can leverage cloud service providers to help achieve ISO 27001 compliance – even more easily than they could achieve it with on-premise infrastructure. IT needs to ensure their cloud service provider has the security capabilities in place – as well as the compliance reporting capabilities and, even more importantly, the willingness to help them maintain ISO compliance for their cloud workloads.

Next in our EMEA webinar series, we’re addressing the topic of ISO compliance in the cloud. Why should you care? And, do you know what it takes? I’ll be joined by our Director of Compliance and our EMEA Principal Solutions Architect as we delve into:

– Achieving organizational alignment
– Ensuring cloud platform security requirements
– Essentials for auditing success

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what it takes to confidently move forward with cloud initiatives while achieving ISO 270001 compliance. Register Now!
Monica Brink

Monica Brink

Monica has more than 12 years of global experience in product and channel marketing in the Cloud Computing and ERP sectors. Monica is currently the Director of Marketing for iland EMEA and works with customers and partners in the region to educate the market and drive adoption of iland’s enterprise cloud services. Monica has worked across the globe in Europe, the Middle East and the US with Microsoft, BMC Software, Meeza and iland and is currently based in the United Kingdom.