Make the Case to Add Disaster Recovery to Your IT Budget

ByOctober 16, 2017
Budget planningI’ve been helping customers do disaster recovery and business continuity for a very, very long time now. Back in the day, we would take a mirrored drive out of a server and put it on a shelf in another location. Implementing SAN based replication to another site and making sure OS patches and firmware were up-to-date and uniform used to play havoc with upgrade schedules.

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Ooh remember boot from SAN with replicas? Yeesh. Don’t get me started on doing a test of the DR plan. I remember it would take a 3-day holiday weekend and very rarely ever worked completely. So, we would update runbooks, and plan on trying to do better in nine to twelve months.

Then virtualization came along and changed the world. By encapsulating entire systems into a set of files you now had transportability and the ability to run your workloads anywhere, including another site for disaster recovery. It was a magical time for everyone in IT, but now it’s just commonplace it seems. While virtualization and the benefits that come along with it are a part of everyday life in IT now, disaster recovery still seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to its spot in the budget.

It’s too expensive!  It’s too hard!  We have backups!  We’ve never had a disaster before!

I hear these things come up in conversations as people try to justify their decision not to add DR to their IT strategy. Then, I read headline after headline about how universities and hospitals are crippled by ransomware, natural disasters ruin infrastructures for companies, and simple human error takes down half of the internet –  it’s not a matter of IF companies will need DR, it’s a matter of WHEN. Are you in the best position you can be in to mitigate a disaster and keep your organization running?

Disaster recovery is often on the fiscal budget chopping block, but you know it’s critical to the success of your organization. Join this webinar to learn how you can keep DR in your 2018 budget as we cover:

  • How a DR solution can be used for proactive security and penetration testing to prevent malicious “disasters”
  • How DR is easier than ever to implement, test and enact
  • New, affordable cloud-based DR options
  • How to justify a DR investment
  • Why backup alone may not be enough
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Will Urban

Will Urban

With more than 16 years in enterprise servers, storage, virtualization and DR, Will loves to share his enthusiasm about cool new technology with customers and partners. Trade show junkie, customer advocate, and tech enthusiast, Will has been a speaker at various trade shows and user conferences over the years and is the Director of Technical Marketing at iland. He is a husband and proud father of two and is an avid football fan and gaming enthusiast in his spare time.