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Moving Healthcare IT to the Cloud

ByNovember 17, 2020

Healthcare is joining the masses as it moves its data to the cloud. For years, healthcare providers have been working to manage the cost and operational impact of a growing population and the resulting increase in patient data. At the same time, the demand for real-time access to complete patient records, the need to adhere to new regulatory and compliance requirements, and the need to secure and protect patient data from cybersecurity threats, has forced administrators to continually adapt to changing conditions. These changes include the ongoing deployment of new technology to support growth and new regulations, maintenance of existing systems, and the effort and time-intensive decommissioning and disposal of legacy systems due to obsolescence.

The cloud offers reduced costs and increased security and is ideally suited for meeting the changing IT infrastructure needs of healthcare organizations. Historically the healthcare industry seems to lag behind other industries when it comes to adopting new technologies. Moving to the cloud is no exception. As 2020 comes to a close, Healthcare IT leaders are starting to overcome two obstacles around cloud adoption – security and ROI from current IT infrastructure. In addition, they are recognizing several benefits to the cloud that are not achievable with on-premise solutions.

Data security is a significant fear for healthcare providers due to the increasing complexity and volume of malicious cyberattacks. The consequences of a security breach are very high. As evident in the recent alert from CISA: alerts. With the cloud, entire teams are focused on security while health systems tend to struggle to appropriately staff with these skillsets. Cloud infrastructure offers greater security and the ability to keep pace with new threats.

Existing investments in on-premise infrastructure are another hindrance for healthcare IT leaders to overcome when considering the cloud. There has been a lot of money, time and resources utilized to build up data centers. However, CIOs are placing more emphasis on more strategic projects rather than focusing on the underlying IT infrastructure. There is a shift towards improving workflows, reducing errors and lowering costs. The cloud initiative is allowing organizations to become more efficient, yielding a better return on investment.

iland Secure Cloud can help Healthcare IT leaders achieve their goals when it comes to data security and growth. The iland solution features security and protection, compliance, proven technology, transformation services and all of the standard cloud benefits. iland Secure Cloud for Healthcare was built to provide healthcare payers and providers with a specialized cloud service focused on ensuring sensitive patient data is secure and protected.

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Sarah Doherty

Sarah Doherty

Sarah Doherty, Product Marketing Manager at iland Cloud. Prior to joining iland marketing, Sarah held alliance, marketing and business development roles at IBM, Symantec, Dell, Sungard and Hitachi. In this role, Sarah helps to create iland’s product messaging, content, and launch activity. Sarah graduated with an economics degree from Brown University .