Covid-19 Pandemic

Thank you to our critical workforce

ByMarch 25, 2020

The last few weeks have been a major adjustment for all of us. At no time in recent memory has there been such a contrast between what we have historically viewed as “normal”, and what we currently view as “reality”.

For some of us, the best case scenario is we are able to do our jobs at home, remotely. We now work with co-workers exclusively online and our biggest challenge is figuring out how to stay productive without formal structure.

But this challenge pales in comparison to what others are experiencing. The threat of unemployment is real to many, as is the risk to one’s health as a result of being part of the critical workforce. Healthcare workers on the front line are doing everything they can to ensure the short and long term impact to the public is limited. It’s hard to overstate the importance of the service these people provide, or the selflessness of character that it takes to be that person.

Beyond the frontline, there is also another group of people that are working tirelessly around the clock to make sure we all have the resources we need to continue our lives, both personal and professional. The Department of Homeland Security has designated these essential critical infrastructure workers as vital to the functioning of public safety, including economic and national security.

iland has been working with customers in all demographics for over a decade, especially those that provide critical services to their communities and stakeholders. As we work to provide the highest level of service during this difficult period, we’d like to take a minute to say thank you to our industry peers and all critical workers that are performing their functions selflessly. With the work you do, we will progress through this period quickly, and safely.

Justin Augat

Justin Augat

Justin Augat is Vice President, Product Marketing at iland Cloud. In this role, Justin manages iland’s corporate, product, and technical messaging, content, and product launch activity. Prior to iland, Justin held several cloud marketing leadership roles including Director of Product Marketing for Dell Technologies, and Head of Cloud and Services Marketing at Hitachi Vantara. Justin received a BS in computer science and mathematics and earned a MS in Finance and an MBA from Boston College.