That Veeam DR Button

ByJuly 27, 2016
You’re fiddling in Veeam every day. It’s how you manage your VMs, track performance, consider capacity and take your snapshots. Every night, Veeam dutifully makes a backup of all your VMs while you’re peacefully eating your kale salad (or fries.. or Cuban sandwich). It’s really a delight.

But, there’s a button in the corner taunting you – and it promises disaster recovery, simply and easily. But buttons have often been deceptive and “easy” is such a marketing term. It can’t be.

Still, the idea of having a straightforward way of handling a disaster situation is tantalizing. Cloud is the obvious solution, but who has time for the overhead of managing it all? If this is as good as promised, it could be life changing. Less downtime, less lost revenue, and fewer calls from angry execs.

Here’s your chance to learn more about the DR button in Veeam – and the iland cloud where your workloads would live, in a disaster. It’s a hospitable accommodation, with all the comforts of home.

Join our webinar! I’ll be talking with Cody Cheek of Veeam, who will walk you through a demo of configuring and replicating with Veeam Cloud Connect. Bring your questions, concerns, and even your skepticism. We’ll show you how easy it really can be.

Winning Disaster Recovery Gold – without a grueling training schedule

Have you been dreaming of a robust, cost-effective disaster recovery solution, but haven’t had the time train, build and test one? Are you eyeing that option on your Veeam console, wondering what it would take? We’re here to tell you: You can do it. iland and Veeam can help.

The decisions you need to make – and the steps you need to take to configure your cloud-based DRaaS solution (and backup, too, if you like) can be done in fewer steps than a 100-meter dash. We wouldn’t suggest you quit your emergency training completely – but now, you’ll achieve faster times and lift more IT weight with far less effort. You’ll win big, gain peace of mind, and do it for low costs – in about the time it takes to run a marathon (for you – not an Olympian).

Join this webinar to see a live demo and learn how to configure DRaaS from the experts: iland, Gartner DRaaS MQ Leader and Veeam 2015 Service Provider of the Year, and Veeam, the leaders in application and data availability solutions.

You’ll learn:
  • How backup differs from DRaaS
  • How to select a cloud-based DR and backup provider
  • What it takes to configure DRaaS within the Veeam console
  • How to get it all done – and get home in time for the opening ceremonies
  • Bonus: One attendee of the live event will win a personalized whiskey appreciation crate

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Lilac Schoenbeck

Lilac Schoenbeck

Lilac has more than 15 years of experience with product marketing, strategy, business development, and software engineering in the grid, virtualization, and cloud domains. Prior to this role, she led cloud and automation marketing for BMC Software, and has worked for IBM, Fortisphere, Innosight, and the Globus Alliance. Lilac holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and a Computer Science degree from Pacific Lutheran University.