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The Future Is Hybrid Multi-Cloud

BySeptember 21, 2018
VMworld 2018 Hybrid Multi-CloudVMworld 2018 felt by far the most energized that I have seen in many years. The keynotes were fantastic and the demos were really impressive. As we enter the idea that hybrid cloud is going to be the norm, you can see that VMware is taking this to heart. With everything from advanced capabilities that partner cloud service providers deliver, to hyperscale integration and even the acquisition of CloudHealth, you can tell they are really seeing that virtualization and cloud go hand in hand.

There were so many great sessions throughout the week. I noticed that the core concepts of private cloud, hybrid cloud and public cloud were talked about the most. “Leverage your existing VMware infrastructure knowledge and skill set with the power of NSX to create a mega mesh of capabilities.” “Let the underlying system continue to reside on VMware architecture since it allows for mobility, scalability, and affordability.” After talking with people all week, I could see that the ideas being showcased and discussed, the whole hybrid cloud, really got everyone jazzed because it meant that IT could get back to delivering value to the organization and spend less time on the traditional “keeping the lights on” duties.

Of course, we have to talk about the Best of VMworld award. iland is thrilled to have been recognized at the conference for our latest offering, LabEngine. I’ll be talking more in-depth about this offering at another time, but for now, let’s briefly cover what makes LabEngine so darn special and VMworld-award worthy.

When you think of the promise of scalable, on-demand virtualization environments, it’s tough to imagine how exactly they’ll be delivered. The problem stems from the fact that you need some level of hardware commitment to power it. Sure, you could re-provision based on new projects, but there’s always some level of CAPEX required to bring it to fruition. LabEngine solves the problem of providing a scalable, on-demand virtualization environment.

LabEngine is a truly cloud-based, scalable approach to extending your data center. Now, you can provide infrastructure for those IT projects that have always been out of reach. With LabEngine, you can easily migrate existing virtual machines or rapidly create new ones in the iland platform and develop lab templates that can then be saved and deployed in scale. You can even create elaborate environments, including nested hypervisors, complex networking and multiple virtual machines. With a simple user interface that ties into the iland Secure Cloud Console, these environments can be scheduled for remote access to allow for internal or external customers to access exact copies of these environments.

What else can you do with LabEngine?
  • Internal training departments can use it for quarterly training.
  • Field sales can use it for proof of concept, test drives or pre-sales meetings with potential customers.
  • Field events can use it for hands-on labs training at various trade shows and events.
  • QA can spin up hundreds of environments for sprints or user accessibility training.
iland LabEngine is a cost-effective, scalable, agile system that allows organizations to worry about delivering content to their consumer without worrying about infrastructure. Simple pay-as-you-go pricing and rapid scale means these environments can be used when they need to be without the overhead of yearly cost. iland LabEngine allows organizations to quickly and rapidly deploy virtual environments for a variety of scenarios and leverage the iland Secure Cloud scalability and performance to deliver an experience that is tailored for students, prospects or internal consumers.

Take your vitalized environments to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about LabEngine.
Will Urban

Will Urban

With more than 16 years in enterprise servers, storage, virtualization and DR, Will loves to share his enthusiasm about cool new technology with customers and partners. Trade show junkie, customer advocate, and tech enthusiast, Will has been a speaker at various trade shows and user conferences over the years and is the Director of Technical Marketing at iland. He is a husband and proud father of two and is an avid football fan and gaming enthusiast in his spare time.