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The Challenges for MSPs Working with the Cloud

Richard Stinton

Over the past few years, Managed Service Providers have been faced with a number of important decisions about how they continue to operate and differentiate their businesses with the rise of public cloud services.

The MSP (and outsourcing) model has traditionally been based on the premise of being able to operate and manage a customer’s IT services in a more cost-efficient manner than they could do it themselves. This may have been by bringing in a team to augment or replace the IT department using the customer’s equipment on-premises, or, perhaps, by transforming the IT infrastructure to the MSP's own facilities.

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Moving Your Business to the Cloud? Be Careful About Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket

Richard Stinton

The recent outage with Amazon’s S3 cloud storage facilities has highlighted the risk of relying on a single cloud provider.

To Amazon’s credit, they were quick to acknowledge the problem and get everything working again. However, the outage was significant and it demonstrated the number of well-known applications that are relying on these kind of cloud services. It also showed that while S3 has historically had excellent availability statistics, this outage has made organisations revisit the way that they consume public cloud services.

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Your Disk is Too Big

Jeff Polczynski

Recently, I was helping a friend work-around limited on-premise data center resources by recommending they deploy their new application into the cloud. Of course my hope was that I could help this friend host his servers in iland's Enterprise Cloud Services, but he explained that his only option was Azure because of corporate policy. I naively responded, "I'm sure they'll work fine, you're not trying to do anything unusual." I warned him that his big challenge would be migrating the VMs from Azure back on-premise later because he'd have to convert the VMs to work inside VMware.

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