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Are Availability Zones a Disaster Recovery Solution?

Richard Stinton

It’s interesting to see that Microsoft Azure are previewing availability zones in two of their data center regions.

Amazon AWS have had this capability for quite a while – but what exactly is an availability zone, and does it provide full resiliency for applications in the cloud? Is it a good disaster recovery strategy?

For both cloud vendors, the original premise was to provide better availability, and to protect against failure of the underlying platform (hypervisor, physical server, network, perhaps storage).

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Topics: DRaaS, Zerto, VMware, IaaS, cloud, IT Resiliency

It’s Time to Double Down on Your Cloud Journey with iland at VMworld 2017

Will Urban

Vegas, baby! 

Ahh VMworld. The annual show that puts 30,000 vendors and users of IT in the same place and transforms how businesses grow and become successful. I’ve been going to VMworld in the US and Europe for years, have spoken at a few of them, have worn through dozens of pairs of shoes working the booths at them, and have seen IT transform from “ooh vMotion to wow transformational cloud stack!” It’s such a great show, between the speakers, the sessions, the expo hall and the parties, VMworld is one show you don't want to miss. iland will be there in full force this year and we want to help you in your journey to the cloud.

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Topics: VMware, vmworld, cloud

Shared Responsibilities for Cloud Computing: Who Does What in the Cloud? Part Two

Richard Stinton

In the first part of this blog series, we looked at the cloud service provider side of the shared responsibility stack.

Looking at the rest of the stack, particularly the upper areas where the customer is responsible, it is extremely important to remember that there is no magic pixie dust in a cloud implementation when compared to an on-premises one.

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Topics: IaaS, Compliance, security, HIPAA, healthcare, cloud, FISMA

Shared Responsibilities for Cloud Computing: Who Does What in the Cloud? Part One

Richard Stinton

There have been several articles published recently around the internet media discussing the shared responsibilities of cloud service providers (CSPs) and customers when it comes to cloud computing.

The lure and mystique of cloud computing sometimes gives customers a false sense of security (no pun intended) that the cloud will auto-magically provide new levels of security for their applications, without them even having to think about it. However, the cynics out there will also remind us that the cloud is just ‘someone else’s computer’ and to a certain extent, that is true.

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Topics: IaaS, Compliance, HIPAA, healthcare, cloud, FISMA

The Value of Project Management in Cloud Deployments

Andrean Georgiev

They say that change is the only constant. As it happens, change is often managed as a project. According to a PWC study, 97 percent of organizations believe project management is critical to business performance and organizational success, and there are good reasons for that. Project management methodologies provide a proven framework to break down complexity and uncertainty, and bring together process, organization structure, people and tools.

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Topics: DRaaS, cloud, Onboarding, Deployment

iland Secure Cloud Helps to Power Cybersecurity Company

Rachel Roach

Lately, it feels like the threat of ransomware is everywhere. Organizations of all shapes and sizes have been hit. I’m sure you’ve read the headlines and heard about the recent WannaCry attack. Hopefully, you haven’t had to experience first-hand what a virus like this can do. If you’re like a lot of IT professionals these days, you’re securing your systems to ensure that you never have to find out.

iland’s customer, My Digital Shield (MDS), is a cybersecurity company that is staying on the forefront of preventing cyber-attacks like WannaCry. With just one simple yet sophisticated piece of equipment, MDS provides small businesses with the same level of security used by the federal government and fortune 500 companies.

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Topics: IaaS, security, cloud, ransomware

Leading the Charge in Cloud Security

William McHenry

iland, in its constant pursuit of excellence in cloud security, was recently awarded the Cloud Security Alliance STAR Gold Certification, which is the highest level attainable for this type of certification, and iland is only the second Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider to receive the Gold level designation.

This certification was designed to provide a guide for cloud service providers to determine how to become more secure, and a guide for cloud customers in assessing the security aspects of their cloud service provider. iland’s achievement of the CSA Gold level designation means customers can be confident that iland is at the forefront of cloud security.

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Topics: Compliance, security, cloud

Moving Your Business to the Cloud? Be Careful About Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket

Richard Stinton

The recent outage with Amazon’s S3 cloud storage facilities has highlighted the risk of relying on a single cloud provider.

To Amazon’s credit, they were quick to acknowledge the problem and get everything working again. However, the outage was significant and it demonstrated the number of well-known applications that are relying on these kind of cloud services. It also showed that while S3 has historically had excellent availability statistics, this outage has made organisations revisit the way that they consume public cloud services.

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Topics: DRaaS, IaaS, Compliance, cloud, azure, amazon, s3, outage, vendor diversity

Cloud services for SME business - a fork in the road

Richard Stinton

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at a TechUK event in Newcastle, England, hosted by the Federation for Small Business and the Local Enterprise Partnership at Newcastle College.

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Topics: DRaaS, IaaS, backup, cloud, ecs

Automating the iland Cloud with Microsoft Powershell – Part Two, Automatic Shutdown and Startup

Richard Stinton

In Part One of this series, we looked at using Powershell to report on aspects of the iland cloud, and to create new vApps and VMs using simple GET-, NEW- and SET- commands.

One of the great things about cloud computing environments is the ability to shutdown workloads when they are not needed, and therefore not pay for the resources (except storage).  Dev/Test is an excellent example of this, where whole development environments can be shutdown at night or at weekends, and then started up again just in time for the developers to use them.

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Topics: VMware, IaaS, test and dev, ECS-AS, automation, cloud, API

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