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Data protection, GDPR, Brexit and Cloud – Attend the Webinar

Monica Brink

We’re coming off a great week at VMworld Europe in Barcelona. The conversations we had with IT teams, partners and customers across Europe very much reflected the focus of our upcoming webinar. Data privacy, cloud security and the implications of GDPR plus Brexit were certainly top of mind for many people we spoke with.

Register for this Thursday's webinar: Data Protection, GDPR, Brexit and Cloud – Oh My! 

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Topics: Data Protection, Compliance

Shared Responsibilities for Cloud Computing: Who Does What in the Cloud? Part Two

Richard Stinton

In the first part of this blog series, we looked at the cloud service provider side of the shared responsibility stack.

Looking at the rest of the stack, particularly the upper areas where the customer is responsible, it is extremely important to remember that there is no magic pixie dust in a cloud implementation when compared to an on-premises one.

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Topics: IaaS, Compliance, security, HIPAA, healthcare, cloud, FISMA

Shared Responsibilities for Cloud Computing: Who Does What in the Cloud? Part One

Richard Stinton

There have been several articles published recently around the internet media discussing the shared responsibilities of cloud service providers (CSPs) and customers when it comes to cloud computing.

The lure and mystique of cloud computing sometimes gives customers a false sense of security (no pun intended) that the cloud will auto-magically provide new levels of security for their applications, without them even having to think about it. However, the cynics out there will also remind us that the cloud is just ‘someone else’s computer’ and to a certain extent, that is true.

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Topics: IaaS, Compliance, HIPAA, healthcare, cloud, FISMA

Leading the Charge in Cloud Security

William McHenry

iland, in its constant pursuit of excellence in cloud security, was recently awarded the Cloud Security Alliance STAR Gold Certification, which is the highest level attainable for this type of certification, and iland is only the second Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider to receive the Gold level designation.

This certification was designed to provide a guide for cloud service providers to determine how to become more secure, and a guide for cloud customers in assessing the security aspects of their cloud service provider. iland’s achievement of the CSA Gold level designation means customers can be confident that iland is at the forefront of cloud security.

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Topics: Compliance, security, cloud

The Challenges for MSPs Working with the Cloud

Richard Stinton

Over the past few years, Managed Service Providers have been faced with a number of important decisions about how they continue to operate and differentiate their businesses with the rise of public cloud services.

The MSP (and outsourcing) model has traditionally been based on the premise of being able to operate and manage a customer’s IT services in a more cost-efficient manner than they could do it themselves. This may have been by bringing in a team to augment or replace the IT department using the customer’s equipment on-premises, or, perhaps, by transforming the IT infrastructure to the MSP's own facilities.

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Topics: IaaS, cloud hosting, colocation, Compliance, security, azure, amazon

Disaster Recovery - Your Insurance Policy for Ransomware

Frank Krieger

Years ago, in a time called 1996, a gentleman by the name of James Clark became frustrated with the patient care experience. He lamented the fact that his patient information from one doctor was often not available to another.

He realized, in that bygone time, his information could be networked and shared to reduce both time and errors, as well as costs for patients, insurance companies, healthcare providers and processors. He took his idea and began building what we know today as Web MD. 

Webinar - March 31st,  2:00PM EST | 11:00AM PST | 7:00PM BST, Register now

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Topics: DRaaS, Compliance, backup, HIPAA

Moving Your Business to the Cloud? Be Careful About Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket

Richard Stinton

The recent outage with Amazon’s S3 cloud storage facilities has highlighted the risk of relying on a single cloud provider.

To Amazon’s credit, they were quick to acknowledge the problem and get everything working again. However, the outage was significant and it demonstrated the number of well-known applications that are relying on these kind of cloud services. It also showed that while S3 has historically had excellent availability statistics, this outage has made organisations revisit the way that they consume public cloud services.

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Topics: DRaaS, IaaS, Compliance, cloud, azure, amazon, s3, outage, vendor diversity

iland presents at the first London VMUG of 2017

Richard Stinton

January 19th marked the date of the first London VMware User Group (VMUG) meeting of 2017. The day was not only a good opportunity to gain insight around the latest industry trends, but it was also a great chance to catch-up with some familiar faces in the VMware world.

This was the first time iland has spoken at a VMUG event in the UK, so the team was really excited to demonstrate our capabilities first-hand.

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Topics: DRaaS, VMware, Compliance

The A-Z of Cloud Compliance: Privacy Shield. EU GDPR. HIPAA. ISO 27001 & SOC2 [WEBINAR]

Rachel Roach

It’s a new year with new business continuity objectives, new industry standards, new audit regulations, and… you catch my drift.

If you’re managing IT for your business, you know the incredible juggling act that is keeping your systems up to par. There are numerous standards you could be held to, like HIPAA, PCI, GDPR or Privacy Shield to name a few, and the specifics of some regulations change frequently. Luckily for you, we’ve got an in-house compliance expert who lives and breaths this stuff. Enter: Frank Krieger. 

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Topics: Compliance, HIPAA

ISO Compliance in the Cloud - Why Should you Care?

Monica Brink

More and more customers we talk to about cloud adoption have 2 seemingly opposing priorities in mind:

  1. Broadening their cloud use cases to more business critical applications in production
  2. Addressing the ever increasing IT compliance requirements that are demanded of them

Achieving ISO compliance is a big deal and a lot of work!

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Topics: Compliance

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