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Can I see a demo? The iland Cloud Console

Lilac Schoenbeck

I can see the eyes gazing at the monitor at trade shows as people walk by... moving screens, pretty colors. Do I care enough to stop and look? 

In the moment, it's hard to decide what to pay attention to - but once you get home, how much of the cloud purchase decision feels like a black box? Mountains of legal papers. Multitudes of pricing models. But, do you get a sense for how the cloud will feel? What will it be like to drive it? 

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You're a wizard, Cloudy

Lilac Schoenbeck

In the latest release of our cloud console (a bit of a misnomer in a world of continuous updates), we introduced a number of wizard tools to help ease the path to a DR failover, for example. In prior iterations, we added provisioning wizards and network configuration wizards.

And it got me thinking: isn't cloud just meant to be a big ol' wizard?

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Your Own Private iland: Secure Private Cloud

Lilac Schoenbeck

It often comes as a shock to new hires at iland that we do not, as a rule, welcome a lot of puns about.. well.. islands.  No palm tree graphics. No "iland in the stream" references. It's sort of sad - because initially, that's all your brain produces: island puns. 

But, with more than a couple years under my belt and this headline in my heart - I just ran with it. 

After all, I'm talking about private cloud - iland Secure Private Cloud, in fact.

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