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Customer demand drives our data center expansion

Corinne Schmidt

Any business that wants to become successful - and keep it that way - relies heavily on keeping up with the latest technology, innovations and customer requirements. Even if you’ve invested all you can into keeping your business model and offerings up to par, there’s always room for improvement.

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Topics: DRaaS, production, enterprise class, data sovereignty, data centers, cloud hosting, test and dev

The Future of Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Brian Ussher

The advent of cloud computing has inspired many interesting technological movements including disaster recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), a cloud-based DR option for business. DR was once the stuff of backup tapes, and for some, it unfortunately still is (side note: if this is you, see “Is Your DR Partying Like It’s 1999”). However, for a lot of companies, disaster recovery solutions are doing double time as the gateway to the public cloud. Given this sea change, then, how will disaster recovery-as-a-service evolve over the next few years?

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Topics: DRaaS, data sovereignty, Data Protection

5 disaster recovery lessons learned from scary movies

Corinne Schmidt

It’s that time of year again – ghouls, goblins, ghosts – and a plethora of scary movies to enhance your All Hallows’ Eve experience. As you settle yourself down to watch the latest bloodcurdling offering, you might mull over the similarities between what’s showing on the screen in front of you and the lurking horrors that await your unprotected IT infrastructure and data...

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Topics: DRaaS, Zerto, data sovereignty, cloud hosting, colocation, Veeam

Analyst Rob Enderle: “Amazon Doesn’t Get Compliance”

Jennifer Brenner

Tech analyst, Rob Enderle, says the big cloud providers like Amazon and Apple don’t get the compliance requirements that weigh heavily on most enterprise IT organizations looking for cloud solutions.

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Topics: data sovereignty, IaaS, cloud hosting, Compliance

Somewhere, Everywhere, but never Anywhere: The Global Cloud

Lilac Schoenbeck

There are a few reasons why a company might want to run their cloud workloads in Singapore.

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Topics: data sovereignty, data centers, cloud hosting

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