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Easily Protect and Migrate Physical Servers to the Cloud with Double-Take

Mike Mosley

There are multiple services designed to backup and replicate Virtual Machines in your private or public virtual environments. However, very few are able to replicate and protect a physical server. And yet, many companies need to protect both virtual machines and physical servers because of legacy applications running on legacy infrastructure. Double-Take is an agent based replication software that allows replication between similar Operating Systems. Because this replication takes place at the OS level, Double-Take is able to protect physical Linux and Windows server to a Virtual Machine in iland’s cloud environment.

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Doubletake Replication – The Easy Way to Migrate Data to the Cloud

Jack Bailey

Using traditional methods to migrate applications and data to the cloud is typically time-consuming because production servers may have to be brought to a standstill in order for the migration to be executed. You also have to keep in mind your storage footprint - the larger the storage footprint, the longer the migration process will take. In fact, large system migrations can typically take hours or days to complete.

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