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Automating the iland Cloud with Microsoft Powershell – Part Two, Automatic Shutdown and Startup

Richard Stinton

In Part One of this series, we looked at using Powershell to report on aspects of the iland cloud, and to create new vApps and VMs using simple GET-, NEW- and SET- commands.

One of the great things about cloud computing environments is the ability to shutdown workloads when they are not needed, and therefore not pay for the resources (except storage).  Dev/Test is an excellent example of this, where whole development environments can be shutdown at night or at weekends, and then started up again just in time for the developers to use them.

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Topics: VMware, IaaS, test and dev, ECS-AS, automation, cloud, API

Another addition to the Cloud Security Tool-Box

Monica Brink

Our recent survey on cloud security indicated that IT and the business are now aligned in terms of security priorities with the data showing that the two groups overwhelmingly agree that they would rather delay a new application deployment than deploy to a potentially insecure environment.

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Topics: security, ECS-AS

The Compliance Button Fell Off

Lilac Schoenbeck

One of my dearest friends is sort of mystified by technology. She's brilliant, carries advanced degrees, and is professionally called "Doctor." But, while she eagerly uses her myriad of technologies, her way of making sense of them - even jokingly - is decidedly entertaining to a technologist.

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Topics: Compliance, ECS-AS

Creative Cloud solutions to Old Problems

Farhan Chughtai

In the latest release of the iland ECS Management Console, we focused on the needs of our customers around advanced security and compliance reporting delivered with a modern design focused on user experience. As part of the advanced security features, we added new roles and permissions, two-factor authentication, vulnerability scanning, and VM encryption. We also added a number of new reports around compliance including additional event logging, anti-virus and malware scanning, integrity monitoring, and several other deeper security monitoring tools.

While that was the main focus of the release, we are always looking to address some of the lesser known issues that are sometimes difficult to solve. These issues take some ingenuity to find a creative solution. 

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Topics: management, IaaS, Compliance, ECS-AS

The Beauty of Regulatory Compliance – now available in the cloud!

Liz Kaufman

Compliance, quite literally, is the act of conforming, acquiescing, or yielding. But, when you dig deeper into the meaning and apply it to other disciplines, it becomes much more interesting. In the study of physics, compliance is the ability of a mechanical system to respond to an applied force. The external force is met with an equal and opposite force applied by the elasticity of the system and the result is a beautiful one: a system that has reached equilibrium and displays the perfect balance of stiffness and pliability.

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Topics: ECS-AS

Clearing Roadblocks to Cloud for the Mid-Market - iland releases Advanced Security offering

Monica Brink

There’s a buzz of excitement in the iland offices today with the announcement that our Enterprise Cloud Services – Advanced Security solution has been released. We listened to our customers – and the market – about the challenges they are facing in achieving the levels of cloud security and compliance required. Due to these challenges, cloud initiatives get stalled and existing cloud projects can get cancelled because the security risks are deemed to be too high. This results in an uncomfortable situation for IT leaders as lines of business in their organizations are still demanding the agility, scalability and cost savings that cloud computing can deliver. They know they can’t abandon cloud altogether - and yet they also know whose head would be on the line if an outage, data loss or hacking incident was traced to a cloud workload.

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Topics: ECS-AS

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