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Running VMware workloads (almost) in the Public Clouds

Richard Stinton

At VMworld 2016, VMware launched the concept of VMware native workloads running on bare metal (using vSphere/vCenter) in the Amazon AWS public clouds.

At VMworld 2017, this service went live in the AWS US-West region, and more recently in US-East.

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Topics: VMware, hybrid cloud, IaaS

Cloud Predictions for 2018

Richard Stinton

It's that time of year again, and industry commentators are sharing their cloud predictions for 2018 and beyond.

While the subject of cloud computing is a massive area, I'd like to highlight a few predictions that bode well for the continued growth of iland as a focused cloud service provider.

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Topics: DRaaS, VMware, hybrid cloud, IaaS, security, cloud compliance, cloud backup

iland customer talks VMware Powered IaaS and DRaaS at VMworld Europe

Monica Brink

At VMworld Europe this year, Khatib and Alami, a renowned engineering consultancy and architectural design company based in the Middle East, shared their experiences of cloud adoption. Mohamed Saad, IT Director of Khatib and Alami, describes how they use iland secure cloud services including VMware powered IaaS and DRaaS to scale their business quickly.

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Topics: DRaaS, VMware, IaaS

iland cloud at UK VMUG UserCon

Anna Kontsiotis
With cloud adoption standing at 88% amongst UK organisations, embracing the cloud revolution is now mainstream. In response to this increasing demand, VMWare is hosting the UK VMUG UserCon in Birmingham this Thursday, November 16 to connect VMware users together and provide opportunities to learn about the latest technologies.
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Topics: DRaaS, VMware, IaaS, cloud backup

3rd Party Firewalls in the iland Secure Cloud

Richard Stinton

One of the main barriers to adoption for public clouds over the past few years has been that of security. Fears of hacking and data theft have been heightened by cases in the media.

Many customers thought that cloud would automatically take care of security regarding attacks from the internet, and there have been great advances to allay these fears. However, for many public cloud providers not all bases are covered out of the box, and adding in security features can add significant cost and complexity to the solution.

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Topics: IaaS, security

iland at Data & Cloud Expo Netherlands

Monica Brink

Following on from our announcement of a new cloud location in the Netherlands this summer, iland is looking forward to meeting up with customers and partners at the Data & Cloud Expo in the Netherlands next week. If you're at the event, come see us at booth #A118.

Register here to schedule a demo at our booth to get a 25 Euro Media Markt voucher!

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Topics: IaaS

Navigating the Maze of Public Cloud Pricing

Richard Stinton

When looking at migrating to the public cloud, or starting from fresh in there, many customers find the array of pricing models mind boggling.

The hyper scale public cloud providers such as AWS and Azure use the idea of instance or t-shirt sizes for their virtual machines. There is a massive range of alternatives depending on the CPU type, number of CPUs, RAM, the number of virtual disks that can be attached, whether they have GPU acceleration, etc.

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Topics: IaaS, hyperscale clouds

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication in the iland Secure Cloud Console

Pete Benoit

How many online logins does the average person have? The easy answer is too many to secure.

In 2016, the average person had 27 unique online accounts with passwords to manage, according to an Intel Security survey. I couldn’t find similar numbers specifically for IT personnel but we can be safe in assuming that number is significantly higher.

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Topics: IaaS, security, cloud console

Are Availability Zones a Disaster Recovery Solution?

Richard Stinton

It’s interesting to see that Microsoft Azure are previewing availability zones in two of their data center regions.

Amazon AWS have had this capability for quite a while – but what exactly is an availability zone, and does it provide full resiliency for applications in the cloud? Is it a good disaster recovery strategy?

For both cloud vendors, the original premise was to provide better availability, and to protect against failure of the underlying platform (hypervisor, physical server, network, perhaps storage).

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Topics: DRaaS, Zerto, VMware, IaaS

iland joins line-up for CloudSec London 2017

Monica Brink

With cloud adoption booming across Europe against a backdrop of increased IT security risks,  iland is thrilled to be joining our partner, Trend Micro, to share our cloud security expertise as a sponsor and presenter at CloudSec London on Sept 5th, 2017.  This event presents many opportunities for attendees to learn the latest on cloud security including presentations from industry leaders, hands-on labs, a Solutions Village,  networking and more.

Register for CloudSec London here: 

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Topics: DRaaS, IaaS, cloud backup