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The Security of Things

Frank Arriaga

It's easy to get sidetracked by all the bright lights and shiny new gadgets that the era of the iOT has brought with it. But it’s time to step out of the haze, and take a minute to talk about security.

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Topics: security, IoT

Musical Clouds: EMC, Dell, Microsoft & VMware when the music stops

Lilac Schoenbeck

Every year or two, it feels like someone flips on the music and while you’re listening to the soothing voice of Mick Jagger belt out “Hey.. You.. Get off of my cloud!,” all the major vendors start scrambling around the market hoping to catch a seat at the table when the tune ends. 

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Topics: hybrid cloud, IaaS, IoT

Closing The Gap: Internet of Things and the Cloud

Scott Sparvero

I’ve long been a fan of the concept of the Internet of Things. I gladly welcome technology into my life to simplify it – I installed a home automation system to control my blinds, my AV systems, and my HVAC - all from an app on my various devices. But increasingly, consumer technology feels like its progressing much faster than business technology.  

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Topics: hybrid cloud, management, IoT, automation

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