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Beyond Disasters — Do More with DR

Jason Clark

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, after unprecedented amounts of flooding have finally begun to recede from the Houston area, I wanted to avoid focusing on the disastrous event itself. It would be doing those impacted by the storm a disservice to write a commentary on protecting data, after a time where protecting loved ones was significantly more important. Instead, I wanted to share other reasons why it would be beneficial to have a solid DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) plan in place.

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Topics: DRaaS, Zerto, test and dev, security

Automating the iland Cloud with Microsoft Powershell – Part Two, Automatic Shutdown and Startup

Richard Stinton

In Part One of this series, we looked at using Powershell to report on aspects of the iland cloud, and to create new vApps and VMs using simple GET-, NEW- and SET- commands.

One of the great things about cloud computing environments is the ability to shutdown workloads when they are not needed, and therefore not pay for the resources (except storage).  Dev/Test is an excellent example of this, where whole development environments can be shutdown at night or at weekends, and then started up again just in time for the developers to use them.

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Topics: VMware, IaaS, test and dev, ECS-AS, automation, cloud, API

Customer demand drives our data center expansion

Corinne Schmidt

Any business that wants to become successful - and keep it that way - relies heavily on keeping up with the latest technology, innovations and customer requirements. Even if you’ve invested all you can into keeping your business model and offerings up to par, there’s always room for improvement.

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Topics: DRaaS, production, enterprise class, data sovereignty, data centers, cloud hosting, test and dev

The Runaway Cloud Went Over the Hill and It Blew…The IT Budget Out The Window

Corinne Schmidt

2014 saw a marked increase in the use of public cloud infrastructure by organizations of all sizes and types. Some were newcomers to cloud. Others expanded their existing cloud footprint. And a few made the leap to an all-in – or almost all-in – cloud environment. If you wanted to cut IT costs, switch your focus to your business instead of on your IT, and protect your workloads from disaster events - then cloud was the way to go. But in the rush to take advantage of a cloud infrastructure environment, how many became victims of the runaway cloud? You know the type – it’s the cloud that time forgot, along with the team using it. The cloud that was employed on a pay-per-use basis in an effort to reduce costs and then unfortunately and ironically got left on to run happily but unnoticed after its sell-by date had expired.

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Topics: control, cloud portal, cloud hosting, test and dev

Technology alone is not enough...

Corinne Schmidt

Guest blog this week from one of our incredible EMEA Solutions Engineers, Sam Woodcock, who knows a thing or two about customer service. Thanks Sam!

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Topics: DRaaS, production, cloud hosting, test and dev

How and Why Customers Choose Public Cloud Platforms

Lilac Schoenbeck

A recent study highlights challenges DevOps teams face when choosing a public cloud. Find out what these are by downloading the full analyst report How and Why Customers Choose Public Cloud Platforms, Forrester Research, Inc., November 8, 2013.

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Topics: cloud hosting, test and dev, Capacity

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