UK Firm Achieves 40 Percent Cost Savings with iland DRaaS

ByJune 5, 2018
iland Cloud ConsoleProfessional services firms are adopting cloud services at a fast pace globally. The combination of reduced CAPEX and scalable, agile IT resources that cloud delivers suits the unpredictable workloads and lean IT teams common in this industry. An iland customer in the UK professional services industry that was challenged by an unreliable business continuity strategy and constantly increasing costs discovered more benefits than they’d expected with the iland Secure Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution.

Read the case study: Rufus Leonard achieves cost savings of 40 percent and assured business continuity with iland DRaaS 

Rufus Leonard – the Brand Experience Engineers – are a leading UK independent agency with 29 years of experience in brand and digital. Like many professional services firms, their core competency lies in the talent and creativity of their employees and the dynamic branding and design work they deliver to clients. All of this valuable creative work needs to be protected – after all, what takes years to build can be destroyed in a minute by an outage, cyber-attack, simple human error or one of many other risks to IT systems faced today. That’s where the power of the cloud delivered by the iland Secure DRaaS with Zerto solution came in. With iland and Zerto, Rufus Leonard was able to meet the challenges of business continuity cost-effectively, efficiently and securely.

Like many professional services firms, Rufus Leonard is a mid-size organization, and yet the challenges they face in relation to business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) are reflective of much larger organizations. These challenges include ensuring on-premises levels of security and compliance in their cloud failover location as well as having a DR solution that’s simple enough so that a cross-functional business continuity team can respond quickly in a disaster situation. Rufus Leonard was looking for an enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution that could provide the simplicity, ease of use, fast on-boarding and cost-effectiveness that a mid-size company needs. John Fry, Information Systems Manager at Rufus Leonard puts it like this:

“How many DR vendors have a proven, mature solution that can meet the challenges that always come up in IT environments? We look for enterprise-class solutions because, while we’re a mid-size company, we have enterprise needs.”

Overall, the cost-effectiveness and reliability of a DR solution was key for Rufus Leonard. The iland Secure DRaaS solution outperformed their expectations by a landslide. Through a combination of the flexible iland DRaaS pricing model (which delivers a straightforward monthly cost, covering VM license fees and storage with consumption-based compute) and additional use cases for the DR environment, Rufus Leonard achieved cost savings of 40 percent. And, overall IT operations are more resilient  with on-demand testing executable by anyone on the business continuity team through the iland secure cloud console, along with the achievement of a 15 second RPO (down from 24 hours). The cost-effectiveness and reliability of the iland DRaaS solution enables Rufus Leonard to continue delivering their market-leading creative work to clients.

Read the full case study for more details on the assured business continuity that Rufus Leonard has achieved with the iland Secure DRaaS with Zerto solution.
Rachel Roach

Rachel Roach

As part of iland’s Marketing team, Rachel is responsible for planning and executing demand generation efforts in addition to drafting and managing articles for iland's customer reference program. Prior to her career at iland, Rachel earned her degree in International Studies, worked as a teacher in Thailand, and completed an internship in corporate communications. Outside of the office, Rachel volunteers for Child Advocates Inc., and enjoys playing kickball and flag football. Her diverse experience has enabled her to relate to and work well with all members of the iland organization and adapt to the ever-changing climate in the technology field.