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Veeam Cloud Connect Backup: Storage Management

ByFebruary 23, 2018
Veeam cloud backupIn my blog, Veeam Cloud Connect Backup: Storage Optimization, I covered methods for estimating the sizing requirements for your Veeam Cloud Connect backup storage repository.

The next step is to optimize ongoing management of your storage to ensure an uninterrupted backup process. Let’s take a look at the key considerations for Veeam Cloud Connect storage management.

Managing Your Veeam Cloud Storage Repository

Once you have an idea of the size of your backups and how many you will need to retain, you should start to prepare for growth. Over time, servers in production tend to grow in size, which then causes  the backup sizes to increase. In my examples of the Local Backup and Backup Copy files, the incremental file sizes begin to increase. In my lab, I added files to my servers to simulate this growth in data and how it reflects on both the backup jobs. You may even begin adding more servers to your backup copy jobs as your production environment grows. It’s a good idea to frequently check in on your cloud repository usage.

In Veeam, under the Backup Infrastructure tab, you can click on the Backup Repositories icon to view your available storage. In the Type column, you can view which repository is a cloud repository. As we can see, my cloud repository only has 25GB and after running my backups I have 5.8GB free. There’s not much going on in my lab, but if I wanted to add more servers to my backups I would need to add more storage. Mosley_VCC_Storage_1

Alternatively, if you use Veeam Cloud Connect with iland, you will have access to the iland Secure Cloud Console. We’ve integrated Veeam Cloud Connect into our console, which provides visibility into past job performance and allows you to monitor storage usage over time. Checking in periodically will help you view the growth of your backup data over time.

Mosley_VCC_Storage_3Our console also includes helpful altering features. One that is particularly beneficial for backup storage managment is our Custom Storage Alerts. Here, you can configure an alerting threshold at a certain percentage of storage used. In my screenshot, I have set my threshold to 80% of my total cloud repository space. Once this threshold is hit, the console will send your user a message via the console interface, as well as email.

You may find that you are either using more or less data than expected. If you notice through the console that you have extra space that is not needed, you can create a ticket with iland’s Technical Support team. They will work with you on lowering your repository storage quota and updating the contract correspondingly to lower monthly costs.
Mosley_VCC_Storage_5However, if you set up a storage alert that passes its threshold amount or you need to add more servers to your backups, you may need to increase storage. Under the Dashboard view in the iland console, you can click the “Add Storage” button and use this to generate a task to increase your cloud repository storage. Clicking the “Add Storage” button will open a wizard where you can select the amount you need to add in 500GB increments. Once this request is submitted, a task is generated within iland to increase your storage amount for your cloud repository.

When using Veeam Cloud Connect with iland, we try to make storage optimization and management as easy and effective as possible. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding estimating your cloud storage requirements for Veeam Cloud Connect or optimizing storage usage over time, please do not hesitate to reach out to an iland engineer.
Mike Mosley

Mike Mosley

Mike Mosely is a cloud engineer at iland and has worked at the company for over 3 years. He holds a number of VMware certifications including VCP5 as well as the Veeam VMCE certification. Mike works closely with customers to build cloud solutions that fit their requirements.