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Veeam Cloud Connect FAQs

ByJanuary 23, 2015
We recently joined forces with Veeam for a webinar, Backup to the Future: Everything You Need to Know About Veeam Cloud Connect. I recommend taking the time to view the webinar in its entirety, but in case you are short on time, I wanted to answer the most frequently asked questions about Veeam Cloud Connect.

Q. How do I set-up Veeam Cloud Connect?
A. The following short video provides a brief overview on configuring Veeam Backup and Replication v8 to use iland’s Enterprise Cloud Services for data protection

Q. Is the data encrypted? Does iland have access to the data?
A. You have the ability to enable encryption on not just the transfer but you can encrypt the backup prior to traversing the SSL connection so it is stored encrypted at rest. No, iland does not have access to the data.

Q. Does Veeam Cloud Connect support multiple retention policies?
A. Yes, Veeam Cloud Connect supports customer defined retention policies – with the granularity and retention period they desire. Multiple jobs can be set for the same data.

Q. If there is an existing Veeam job, Can iland be added as a secondary location to the same job?
A. It behaves just as your local repository, so whatever you can do with your local backups in your Veeam console, you can do with iland as a secondary cloud location. A backup copy job can be simply created directly through the Veeam console to perform this.

Q. Can Veeam backup my Hyper-V based environment?
A. Certainly, the service supports both Hyper-V and VMware based environment’s as the source.

Q. How can I ensure that my cloud data resides in the country and location of my choice?
A. iland offers locations globally for this service, across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. A customers Cloud repository remains in the specific location they request and contract too, and so they can be assured of data sovereignty and the best latency/connectivity.

Q. Can multiple sites backup to the same iland Veeam Cloud Connect repository?
A. Yes, multiple sites can backup to the same repository.

Q. Is the data compressed before backup to iland Veeam Cloud Connect repository?
A. Veeam can de-duplicate data before sending it offsite to the repository. However, de-duplicated ratios will depend on the type to data being backed up.

Q. How do we restore data?
A. Restore process is initiated and managed through your Veeam v8 Console, same as your local restores.

Q. Can you backup a physical infrastructure?
A. Not with Veeam Cloud Connect but iland offers other solutions for backing-up physical infrastructures. Contact us to learn more.

Q. Do you work with service providers or other partners?
A. Yes, we have a partner program for managed service providers, solution providers and consultants to jointly go to market with you and help your customers leverage this solution. Contact us to learn more.

Q. What was the driving factor in creating Veeam Cloud Connect?
A. “We wanted to remove every problem, every limiting factor that prevented people from using off site back ups. The entire design was specifically about making it as simple as possible. The second driving factor, and you have seen it in the interface, was not to have a simple file copy but something that was deeply integrated into the interface. So, you can see the difference between the local back-up and the remote backup is probably the speed of the backup in the restore based on the bandwidth that you have. Apart from this, it’s all going to be integrated into the interface. A few clicks and nothing to configure outside of the main interface.” – Luca Dell’Oca, Veeam Cloud Evangelist

Q. What is the pricing?
A.We’ve bundled everything into a monthly per GB cost, starting as low as $0.06 per GB per month. We do offer volume-based discounts. We don’t charge a separate cost for set-up, additional licenses or bandwidth. Get more pricing info here, including for our UK and Singapore data centers.

Q. How can I try Veeam Cloud Connect?
A. iland is offering a free 30-day trial of Veeam Cloud Connect for up to 5TB.
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