What’s Your Plan for Handling O365 Data Loss

ByJune 19, 2019
No service is invulnerable, and Office 365 is no exception. Organizations today are incredibly dependent on services like messaging and collaboration tools, so when a service like Office 365 inevitably experiences an outage, what is the impact to business? Having proper data protection and disaster recovery mechanisms in place is key, but since SaaS platforms like Office 365 have quite different protection considerations than their on-premises counterparts, it’s easy to overlook critical components and dependencies.

This Actualtech Media article will explore how to protect Office 365 effectively, and how iland can help with that solution.


With 20 years of IT experience serving customers and hosting critical workloads in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia, iland approaches cloud computing with a different goal: to provide customers with secure, easy-to-adopt cloud services while delivering unmatched management through our iland Secure Cloud Console℠ and 24/7/365 expert phone support.